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Bishop's House,
B.C . 69, Camp,
Karnataka, India.
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"The Vatican Council taught clearly that the entire Church is missionary, and that the work of evangelization is the duty of the whole people of
God. Since the whole People of God is sent forth to preach the Gospel, evangelization is never an individual and isolated act; it is always an
ecclesial task, which has to be carried out in communion with the whole community of faith". (EA No. 3a) "In every case it is clear that there
can be no true proclamation of the gospel unless Christians also offer the witness of lives in harmony with the message they preach. The first
form of witness is the very life of the missionary, of the Christian family, and of the ecclesial community, which reveal a new way of living.
Everyone in the Church, striving to imitate the Divine Master must bear this kind of witness; in many cases it is the only possible way of being
a missionary. Genuine Christian witness is needed especially now because `people today put more trust in witnesses than in teachers, in
experience than in teaching and in life and action than in theories. This is certainly true in the Asian contracts where people are more
persuaded by the Holiness of life than by intellectual argument." (E.A. No. 3b) "The experience of faith and of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, thus
becomes the basis of all missionary work in towns or villages, in schools or hospitals, among the handicapped, migrants or tribal people or
in the pursuits of justice and human rights. Every situation is an opportunity for Christians to show forth the power which the truth of Christ has
become in their lives (Ecclesia in Asia Nos.2-4).
An evangelized and evangelizing community of love and respect.
Proclamation of the Gospel and witnessing to it through works of charity.
A visible Christian presence is felt in the diocese
Secretary:.: Fr. William Borges
Jt.Secretary::Fr. Anthony Fernandes    
Jt.Secretary::. Wilson Carvalho

B.C . 69, Camp, Belgaum-01, Karnataka, India.